Dodger Savage
Danny Mac
Danny Mac as Dodger Savage
Portrayed by: Danny Mac
Duration: 2011-2015
First appearance: April 4, 2011
Last appearance: January 20, 2015
Cause/reason: Left town
Family: Savage family
Alias(es): Mark Blake (name at birth)
Gender: Male
Born: March 28, 1987
Occupation: Unknown
Residence: Unknown
Parents: Patrick Blake
(biological father, deceased)
Anna Blake
(mother, deceased)
Dirk Savage
(adoptive father)
Siblings: Sienna Blake
(sister; twin)
William "Will" Savage
(maternal half-brother/adoptive brother, deceased)
Liberty Savage
(maternal half-sister/adoptive sister)
Minnie Minniver
(biological paternal half-sister)
Marital status: Single
Children: Nico Blake
(mistake daughter, with Sienna) {stolen & given up for adoption}
Unnamed child
(with Maxine, deceased) {aborted}
Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen
(daughter, with Theresa)
Aunts & uncles: Charles Savage
(adoptive paternal uncle, deceased)
Nieces & nephews: Nico Blake
Cousins: Dennis Savage
(adoptive paternal cousin)
Romances: Sienna Blake
(one night stand)
Texas Longford
(lovers, deceased)
Amy Barnes
(affair/one night stand)
Jodie Wilde
(one night stand)
Texas Longford
(dated, deceased)
Sandra "Sandy" Roscoe
Maxine Minniver
(one night stand)
Theresa McQueen
Maxine Minniver
Holly Cunningham
(affair/one night stand)
Maxine Minniver

Mark "Dodger" Savage is a fictional character on the soap opera Hollyoaks.

Actor History:Edit

  • Danny Mac (04/2011-01/2015)

Character History:Edit